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The website is inspired by my fondness for the living legend that is Niall Quinn, formerly of Sunderland AFC among the other clubs he played for. This site does not have any direct connection with the man himself, other than my wanting to make a space to celebrate his life, which ironically is the one thing currently not visible anywhere on the website. The first stage of my plan has been to build a simple yet effective UK based sports shopping guide, listing over 250,000 products aimed at a UK sports shopping market, covering more than 100 retailers.

As the designer of the site, I have over 20 years of web design experience behind me, having been involved with a variety of big brand companies in the past and having built both corporate and fun websites over the years, but always under direction from other people. Building a site I know is purely for it's visitors was key for me with this project and slowly but surely I feel that it is getting there.

The website itself has been around a fair while but it has been redesigned a few times until it has become what you see today. The one thing that is currently missing from the website is the section covering Niall himself, that is an area that is currently being developed, but which will appear once completed, covering his life, his time playing football and as chairman of SAFC, his time in the media, right through to what he is up to right now.

I hope you will enjoy using this website when looking for sports goods and in the future reading all about Niall Quinn and if there is something you feel could be better, or that is missing, please let me know and I will look into it.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today.


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